Corporate Profil


We started our enterprises in 2010 by establishing our first company “O.Blougoura & co Ltd” under the brand name of “IONIAN HOTELS”. The scope of the company was Hotel Operations.

Initially we succeed to rent a 4* hotel “PALACE MAGNA GRAECIA”, at the most famous of  Greece named Corfu, in the Ionian Sea, just opposite to the south of Italy, providing with its   annexes almost 170 rooms and suites. This hotel is a long term rent (20 years). The hotel   makes about 1.9 m € revenues per year.

Next year 2011 we rented with a 10 years contract one of the biggest hotels in Greece, Messonghi Beach Resort south of Corfu, consisting of 960 rooms bungalows and suites, athlete facilities, conference facilities, restaurants and bars, waterslides etc. This hotel use to make about € 10 million revenues per year.

End of 2013 the ownership took over the place.

The year 2013 we have established another company named “AEGES s.a. MAN.AD.SER”. The aim of this company was to create a brand name hotel chain and focus its enterprises in the north part of the island of Corfu and rent and operate smaller hotels as well.

The Growth

In 2014 we have started to expand hotels and beds by renting with long term contracts (20, and 12 years) anot her 2 hotels.

AMALIA HOTEL with 50 standard rooms
SAN REMO HOTEL with 27 standard rooms

We have prepared both of them by refurbishing interior of rooms and exterior of the buildings and sell them in the European market successfully.

In 2014 we established “ALOROS IKE” company. The year 2015 we have rented for 15 years Palazzo Di Zante Hotel in Zakynthos island consisting from 3 hotels



PALAZZO DI ZANTE 4* 181 rooms

The complex is executing a 3 year renovation program. 2017 will be the third year of operation and the revenues we are expecting, will be around 6.4 m €.

All three hotels have commitment and allotment contracts with all major T.O. and we are expecting sales to growth year after year. This year, we have rented another property in Kommeno – Corfu, in order to renovate an old hotel and transform it to a 5* holiday resort with total capacity of 105 rooms.

For this purpose we have established another company. “POTIDEA IKE” al in order to operate this project. In our plans is to renovate it and open it next year 2019.


Special family rooms are available for families with children. The complex has been designed with the main purpose to ensure you and your loved ones a stay full of comfort in a friendly and welcome environment.


Your entertainment during your stay is as important as your relaxation & dining experience.Except the usage of our facilities for athletics like tennis, basketball, football, and our gym.


Everything composes an unforgettable picture. Aesthetically premises, breathtaking nature, warm and kind hearted people with a tradition of excellence in service.